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NIC'S Park Terraces Media Launch!

On the day of April 15, 2019, we had our media launch for our new branch in Park Terraces. Drive, Makati. Different VIP's, online media, and press were invited to celebrate this milestone with us!

Nic's is pretty much the perfect "coffice"

"I used to believe there was no such thing as a perfect coffee shop. There could be a place where there's unli WiFi but no sockets; a place with sockets but limited WiFi; or a place with both, but with really crap food and coffee."

By: Bea Amador of Young Star OH

nics family.jpg

Why Enclaves is a 'happy' place

"PeopleAsia recently launched the latest edition of its awardwinning home and design magazine PeopleAsia Enclaves at the classy Nic's restaurant"

By: Pepper Teehankee of Philippine Star

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